The primary mission of European Union Student Association (EUSA) is to stimulate students to partake in a constructive debate about the European Union. The EUSA seeks to provide a platform for students through debates, lectures and social meetings. We create a space where people are able to exchange ideas or just have a great time. Eleanor Roosevelt had once argued: “Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, great minds discuss ideas.” We believe that in the paradigm-shifting historical developments students are of utmost importance if we want a more transparent, inclusive and understanding Europe. 

EUSA aims to listen to every possible narrative. The association is not affiliated to any political party, nor political agenda. European Union Student Association was established to listen to both sides of the story and look for a compromise, no matter how hard it can be – let it be a anti/pro-Europe, we want to listen and react whenever there is a possibility to improve a particular issue within Europe and European Union.

The Association has explicitly expressed a genuine concern regarding the challenges European Union face. We need more diverse people to enlighten and dig deeper in issues such as what causes a discontent, how to make Europe more efficient through discussion.

 EUSA argues that students are the most rigorous challengers of any particular notion. Great access leads to vast array of selective information, however, some people become complacent and stop listening to other parties. EUSA is certain that high-quality lectures, public discussions and other offered activities will definitely re-engage a student to learn more and deeper to understand the complexities behind decision-making process within European Union. Once a keen student familiarizes with puzzled ideas, EUSA will provide a platform for them to seek for solutions to reach the primary goal of our Association – Inclusiveness, Tolerance, Transparency.  Only through efficient problem-solving we can achieve greater results.

EUSA believes in the ideal of a  more inclusive, tolerant and transparent Europe, but it does not shy away from the fact that the current European Union has many flaws. Given the EU’s flaws, as well as its strengths,  public debate, learning platforms and looking for mutually benefiting solutions are very important for competent decision-making.

One way European Union Student Association seeks to promote a more inclusive, tolerant and transparent Europe is through the European Union Student Parliament. Under the Student Parliament (EUSAP), students are able to meet new students, share ideas and simulate problem-solving through a decentralized process. European Union Student Association provides EUSAP members all the necessary tools for smoother process towards working on various projects that are closely related to ongoing European Union issues.


It is safe to say that the start of the twenty-first century has proven that history is far from over. The post-World War II worldview is under fire from inside as well as outside. Part of this process is the increasing criticism directed at the European Union. While the idea of a united Europe seemed unchallenged twenty years ago, economic crises, nationalism, inequality and migration combined to drive the present European Union into an existential crisis.

Nowadays the European Union finds itself under severe pressure. People don’t seem to believe in its ideals anymore. Brussels is often regarded as a hierarchic, non-transparent and bureaucratic place. EU legislation is seen as disrupting, EU politics as undemocratic and EU economics as a waste of national budget. Populist politicians in member states are trying to profit from this sentiment by adopting a anti-EU stance and promising people to take their country back.

Despite all of this the EUSA believes that the European Union is a unique project. To appreciate the concept of the European continent united in peace and prosperity one only has to take a look back into European history. Countless devastating conflicts have divided and destroyed Europe in the past. For European states to come together to form a peaceful union that focuses on economic, social and military cooperation between the member states is a unique accomplishment that is often underappreciated nowadays.

The current European Union definitely has a lot of shortcomings but the simple solutions that nationalist or populist leaders present tot their people for electoral gain are not credible. Instead, the EUSA aims to provide constructive criticism and viable solutions trough debate and discussion. It is important that young people exchange their thoughts and ideas about the European Union. After all they are the ones that will have to give shape to its future.