Call for board for 2020/2021

The EUSA board is happy to open the call for new board members for the new academic year. Please apply by sending your CV and a letter of motivation to by the 19th of June. More information about the available positions can be found below

Meet the board!

EUSA is delighted to have opened up the call for board positions for the term 2019-2020, and in that regards we are hosting a borrel where you can come interact with the current board and ask all of your questions! All current board members will be present to tell you all about their tasks and experiences over the past year, so don’t hesitate to come along if you have anything at all you’re wondering about regarding being on the board of EUSA.

The borrel will take place at Cafe Leopold in The Hague, directly following our event with MEP Kati Piri, and is set to start at 17.30. So you can either join us as we make our way from Wijnhaven to Cafe Leopold, or just meet us directly at the bar!

Of course, even if you’re not interested in any board positions, you are more than welcome to just join us for a nice afternoon chat over a drink. We’d love to see you there regardless!

We would also like to remind you that you have until the 15th of May to apply for the position of president, secretary, treasurer, ambassador and assessor. Show your interest by sending your CV and motivation letter to and we will get back to you!

EUSA is looking for you!

Today we have the great pleasure of opening up the call for board positions for the EUSA board 2019-2020. We are looking for 5 individuals to fill the positions of president, secretary, treasurer, ambassador and assessor, and you could be one of them!

Being on the board of EUSA is a great chance to enrich your student experience. You’ll have a chance to help shape the organisation and properly immersing yourself in the European discussion, whilst simultaneously picking up invaluable skills and knowledge. 

Do you have any questions regarding any of the positions, or being on the EUSA board in general? We are always available through email or facebook, and will furthermore host a borrel the 9th of May where you will have the chance to interact with the current board members and ask all the questions you might have. 

We are looking for those with an open mind and an interest in the European discussion, so do not hesitate to apply! You have until the 15th of May to send your CV and motivation letter to

EUSA President 2017-2018: Leander Cingöz



We would like to present to you upcoming year’s EUSA president Leander Hskn!

Leander Cingöz will take over the presidency right before the new academic year starts (2017-2018). During the next few months, the present EUSA board and Leander Cingöz will set up the new board, draft new plans and projects for the next semester and transfer the powers from the resigning board to the new board.

Are you interested in a board position? Apply now for the positions Secretary, Treasurer, Assessor, External Affairs Officer or Student Parliament Coordinator. More information about the positions:
Please send your motivation and cv to

Leander Cingöz:

“When I started my bachelor’s degree in European Studies in 2011, the EU was facing some of the most difficult economic and political challenges in its history. By 2016, it seemed that the future of European integration was becoming bleaker, with Brexit, the rise of nationalism across European countries and political unrest in the Union’s neighbourhood serving as tools for Eurosceptics to declare the decay of European integration. 2017, however, proved to be year of renewed optimism and a prevalence of pro-EU forces across several Member States. Notwithstanding these developments, the challenges the EU faces today are likely to shape the Union’s future, for better or worse.
It is clear that, in order to weather these storms, the European integration project will need to find new impetus. The Commission’s White Paper on the Future of Europe offers several prospects on how to continue from here and address these issues. Are we aiming for a multi-speed Europe? What roles must the Commission and Parliament obtain? What will be the role of those excluded from Europe’s ‘core’ states? All these are questions which are set to provide for an interesting exchange of views and visions.
In just one year, the 2016-2017 EUSA board has achieved significant success in turning a young association into an established platform for students wishing to discuss EU politics. As the new President, I wish to build upon this success and continue to offer students the opportunity to express their views. The coming months already provide ground for interesting discussions. From September’s State of the Union speech by Commission President Juncker to, as the latest UK elections have shown, even more complicated Brexit negotiations, I welcome everyone to join our events, take part in debates and, of course, enjoy a drink in good company!
A lot of interesting opportunities lie ahead which, as a President, I will not be able to seize alone. A team of visionary and creative minds is necessary to pursue the association’s success and mission. I am therefore looking forward to working together with students from different academic disciplines and with different political interests and ensure a continuous progress of EUSA and its activities.”

Applications open for EUSA Board 2017/2018


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EUSA is looking for new board members for the period of August 2017 – July 2018!

Are you interested in the European Union and its future, will you be studying in Leiden or The Hague next year, and do you want to gain experience as a board member of a student association?  Apply now to become a member of the board of the European Union Student Association!

The European Union Student Association (EUSA) organises  interesting lectures, debates and other events on different EU-related topics.

For the new board, we are looking for the following five positions: President, Secretary, Assessor, Treasurer, External Affairs Officer and a Student Parliament Coordinator. More information about EUSA and the specific board positions are to be found at

Are you interested? Please send your motivation letter and cv to