Welcome to EUSA!

The European Union Student Association (EUSA) of Leiden University, founded in September 2016, aims to unite students interested in the European Union to discuss its present and potential issues. We are an association that aims to broaden interest and knowledge on the European Union, offering a forum for debate and critical thinking. Through speakers, panel debates, discussions and the like. EUSA aims not to take a particular stance when it comes to the Union, but rather foster a constructive discussion with an inclusive environment. We think it is absolutely vital that young people exchange their thoughts and ideas about the European Union. After all, we are the ones that will have to give shape to its future. 

The association is open for every Leiden University Student, no matter their study programme or nationality.

European unity was a dream of a few, it became a hope for the many, today it is a necessity for all of us” – Konrad Adenauer (1876-1967)