Welcome to the website of the European Union Student Association of Leiden University!
We are an association for all students of Leiden University that are interested in the EU and its relation to other countries.

We organise events related to European culture and politics, for anyone who would like to join us in learning more, or sharing their own knowledge with others. Some of our events are more social, where you can get to know students from different faculties and backgrounds, or more formal, where you can interact directly with policy makers, academics or political figures.

As we are a small association, members of EUSA also get the opportunity to meet the board and give them input, feedback and ideas. If you want to read more about the association, have a look at previous newsletter articles, or maybe join us as a member, feel free! You can ask us any questions you might have through eusaleiden@gmail.com.

Are you a new student at Leiden University and looking for an association to join? We’ll be happy to welcome you! A membership with EUSA is easy, non-committal, and costs only 10 euro a year. It’s also a great opportunity to meat new people and mingle whilst discussing European questions! You can also find us on instagram and on facebook.